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Like the haunting song of the wolf’s primal howl, Wolfess enchants crowds on and off the dance floor with her magic.  

Wolfess has a broad musical background and palette that is reflected in the diversity of her performance styles. She curates customized musical experiences to enhance each event where she performs, weaving together global sounds to create a tapestry of music with organic rhythmic elements and an always-bassy backbone.

As a producer, she uses her experience as a classical musician to enrich her original tracks with acoustic elements such as harp, flute, and violin and often adds these instrumentals to her live sets; her background as a jazz musician lends itself to on-stage improvisation. However when it’s time to get down and party hard, she loves nothing more than to slap a crowd in the face with her bass-droppin’ booty-poppin’ tech and G-house headliner sets. 

A Hawaii-born local and daughter of two Hawaii Symphony musicians, Wolfess found her love of music and performing at a young age. Wolfess’ experience with performing grew into various kinds of expression in the arts beyond music-  from aerial performance to fire dance, and fuels her onstage presence as a guaranteed crowd-pleaser yet unpredictable and never repeatable DJ. She believes through music, everyone can heal something from inside via the movement and the magic of dance, connection, and the body.

A DJ as irresistible as the bassy beats she drops, Wolfess is the gem of any night in the electronic scene of Honolulu and beyond. 

Next Event :

E Komo Mai

Music Festival

Oahu, Hawaii

November 10-13, 2022

Resident with Centered Hawaii
Past performance venues:
— Lightning In A Bottle ⁠Festival 2023 — Petting Zoo Music Festival ⁠2022 & 2023 — E Komo Mai Music Festival ⁠2023 — Candyland Music Festival 2022  ⁠— Burning Man 2019 ⁠— Kalani Oceanside Resort — HB Social Club ⁠— Shorefyre  ⁠— Alohilani Pool Deck ⁠— Oahu Fire Jam ⁠— Club G3 ⁠— The Underground ⁠— Asylum Afterhours ⁠— Aether Health and Wellness ⁠— F45 Fitness ⁠— Ong King Arts Center ⁠— The Electron Room ⁠— Imurse Art Loft ⁠— Kaneohe Sandbar ⁠— Queen Kapiolani Hotel Pool ⁠—  Private events and parties ⁠—